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openSAP-Kurs “Business Success with Climate Action”

19 January – 17 February 2021, online. Climate action is top of mind for many companies. The pressure to reduce CO2 emissions is coming from all directions – investors, customers, and regulators. But how can leaders safeguard earnings without CO2 data transparency? How can they show competitiveness if no benchmarks exist? And how can they steer the right action in the face of such uncertainty?

To help deal with such complex questions, SAP launched Climate 21, an initiative to help customers minimize the CO2 footprint of their products, operations, and supply chains. With Climate 21, SAP is embedding sustainability metrics as a new dimension into analytical and transactional applications to enable intelligent enterprises to minimize CO2 emissions across entire value chains, from cradle to grave. This will enable business leaders to act on the insights, ultimately creating transparency and the ability to initiate climate-friendly buying decisions.

In this course, you’ll learn why climate action is relevant for your business. You’ll understand how SAP’s Climate 21 initiative can help your company to minimize its CO2 footprint and you’ll be introduced to the first solution of the Climate 21 initiative, SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics.

Course Characteristics

  • Starting from: January 19, 2021, 09:00 UTC
  • Duration: 3 weeks (2-3 hours per week)
  • Final exam: February 9-17, 2021, 09:00 UTC
  • Course language: English

Course Content

  • Week 1: Climate Action – The Challenge
  • Week 2: Climate 21 Initiative
  • Week 3: Product Carbon Footprint
  • Week 4: Final Exam

Target Audience

  • Business decision makers and business strategists
  • Finance experts and decision makers
  • Sustainability experts and professionals involved in their company’s sustainability effort
  • Business consultants and application consultants
  • Everyone interested in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction

Course costs

  • No costs

More Information

Join this free online course to learn about SAP’s Climate 21 initiative and how it can help customers minimize the CO2 footprint of their products, operations, and supply chains.


19. Januar 2021 - 17. Februar 2021
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9:00 - 17:00




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