Erfahrungen von KMU in Entwicklungsländern für die CSR-Entwicklung nutzen

01. Januar 2002

Eine neue Studie der United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) befasst sich mit den der Bedeutung von CSR für KMU in Entwicklungsländern.

Dazu heisst es:

"To date, CSR has been a Northern phenomenon in terms of its language and strategy. However, according to a UNIDO study just released, entitled "Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries" there is an abundance of evidence that 'silent' CSR is thriving in developing countries, albeit under a different name and with a different approach. There are some concerns that CSR has not focused enough on addressing issues of poverty, but the emergence of new partnerships with aid agencies, the UN and NGOs offers the opportunity to refocus that approach. In particular the role of business associations, both mainstream and those from the CSR movement, have an important part to play in creating a multiplier effect.

In his foreword to the study, UNIDO Director- General Carlos Magariños, says: "It would seem to me that it is the task of the UN system to turn CSR from a Northern preoccupation into a truly global agenda; from a potential dividing force into a unifying framework for development. Generating wealth in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible, and thus sustainable, must be a common goal of the international community". The Director- General also refers to a question the study holds as central to the future of CSR in the developing countries: "Is there a business case for smaller companies to adopt good CSR practices?"