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UPJ - Connecting business and society

UPJ is the German national network of engaged businesses and local non-profit intermediary organizations. Our projects and programmes create new connections between businesses, civil society organizations and public authorities thus contributing to solve societal challenges and to shape sustainable communities.

UPJ, a registered charity under German law, provides organizations from the business, community and public sectors with information and consultancy to improve their Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Founded in 1996, UPJ challenges and supports business to play a more active role as responsible Corporate Citizens and to get involved in new forms of social co-operation with community organizations and public authorities in their local communities. Moreover UPJ supports companies to introduce and implement responsible business practice not only in the community, but also in the marketplace, the environment and the workplace, as a contribution towards sustainable development and as a source of competitive advantage.

The German Corporate Citizenship and CSR Network
Very well linked with national and international partner organizations and authorities, the national network UPJ combines 25 regional and local intermediary organizations and more than 60 companies. The Network aims to foster cross-sectoral partnerships to contribute towards sustainable development of society and combines the experience and knowledge of its members in order to further promote Corporate Citizenship and CSR within Germany’s business world.

Large UPJ member companies like ArcelorMittal, BMW Group, Commerzbank, Intel, KPMG, SAP, Telefónica and Veolia as well as medium sized members get support from UPJ to enhance their responsible business practice e.g. through regular peer-to-peer workshops on CSR management, an individual help desk and the communication of activities through UPJ’s own media such as its online portal www.upj.de, and through its public relations.

The possibility to exchange and to team up with highly qualified community intermediaries is a unique opportunity within the UPJ network. These intermediaries provide guidance to companies wanting to invest in their local communities offering brokerage and a wide range of easy-to-step-in programmes. UPJ co-ordinates this broker network, offers qualification and arranges the transfer of concepts nationally and internationally.

Through its website www.upj.de, how-to guides, workshops or through expert meetings UPJ offers beginners as well as experienced practitioners from all sectors of society a comprehensive set of information, exchange and qualification on Corporate Citizenship and CSR.

Based on more than ten years of practical experience UPJ provides companies, non-profit organizations and public authorities with customized consultancy services

Through its consultancy UPJ supports a wide range of organizations including E.ON Energies, KPMG, Telefónica Germany, Linklaters, European Central Bank, Aareal Bank, AUDI Academy, OECD, the German Federal Ministries on Economy and Environment, the Federal states of Lower Saxony and Hessen, European Laboratory Community Engagement as well as non-profits including one of the main umbrellas on international aid and disaster relief.

To help make community partnerships a common endeavour and to mainstream CSR UPJ is running innovative programmes in co-operation with national governmental partners, the European Commission and foundations as well as local, national and international partners from Business and Society. Those programmes range from local community action days, awards for engaged business, a round table on business and youth in the Federal State of Brandenburg, a nationwide awareness raising campaign on CSR at SME or the international project "INCLUDE - Pathways to community investment", which aims to identify and to transfer instruments on how to involve business in cross-sectoral partnerships to enhance employability and social cohesion at the local level.


If you would like more information on a network membership or other services please feel free to contact our director Peter Kromminga.

Tel +49 (0)30 2787 406-0

Partner network

UPJ works in partnership with econsense, CSR Europe and BITC.


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UPJ is core partner of the CSR360 global partner network

UPJ supports The European Alliance for CSR

UPJ is member of the GRI Community

UN Global Compact

UPJ participates in the Global Compact


UPJ is original member of the National Network for Civil Society