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Links zu weiterführenden Studien, Beispielsammlungen, Leitfäden sowie Organisationen.

Brilliant Brokerage: Tips for Success (Business in the Community)

Building Stronger Communities. Business and the third sector: Innovation in tough times (Cabinet Office. Office of the Third Sector)

Business Broker Evaluation Summary (Business in the Community & Educe & CEA)

Business Investment in Under-served Markets (Business in the Community)

Community Capacity Building: Creating a Better Future Together (Local Economic and Employment Development)

Corporate Citizenship. Ein Leitfaden für das soziale Engagement mittelständischer Unternehmen

CSR-Laboratory "Skills for Employability Enhanced Through Employee Community Engagement" - Case Studies and Report

CSR360 Global Partner Network

Engaging SMEs in community & social issues (Business in the Community, British Chambers of Commerce, the Institute of Directors & AccountAbility)

European Alliance for CSR

European Commission – Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities: Corporate Social Responsibility

European Commission – Enterprise and Industry: Sustainable and responsible business - Corporate Social Responsibility

Grenzgänger, Pfadfinder, Arrangeure. Mittlerorganisationen zwischen Unternehmen und Gemeinwohlorganisationen (Bertelsmann Stiftung)

Gute Geschäfte Marktplatz für Unternehmen und Gemeinnützige - Leitfaden (Bertelsmann Stiftung)

Handbuch Unternehmenskooperation. Erfahrungen mit Corporate Citizenship in Deutschland (UPJ)

How to work with Local Strategic Partnerships and contribute to neighbourhood renewal (Business in the Community & Corporate Citizenship Company)

Lokaler Aktionstag für Unternehmen und Gemeinnützige. Eine praxisorientierte Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung (UPJ)

More than making money: measuring the difference your company makes to society (Business in the Community & Corporate Citizenship Company)

Opportunity and Responsibility. How to help more small businesses to integrate social and environmental issues into what they (European Commission)

Successful Partnerships. A Guide (OECD LEED)

The Brokering Guide Book (IBLF)

The Interaction between Local Employment Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (Austrian Institute for SME Research)

Toolkit for businesses: Building opportunities for businesses and social landlords to work together (BITC)

Toolkit for Sustainable Competetive Regions (Vaderegio)

Verantwortliche Unternehmensführung. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) im Mittelstand (UPJ)

Verantwortungspartner. Unternehmen. Gestalten. Region. Ein Leitfaden zur Förderung und Vernetzung des gesellschaftlichen Engagements von Unternehmen in der Region (Bertelsmann Stiftung)