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Tagung CSR: rethinking the role of corporations in a globalizing world

31. Oktober 2002

Auf einer Veranstaltung des "21st Century Trust" im Oktober 2002 in Cambridge diskutierten Vertreter von Unternehmen, NGOs und aus der Wissenschaft die Rolle von Unternehmen in einer globalisierten Welt.

Das Einleitungsreferat hielt Sir Geoffrey Owen von der London School of Economics and Political Science. Owen diskutiert die Hintergründe der CSR-Debatte: "The first section describes recent changes in the behaviour of investors and the new emphasis on shareholder value. This is followed by an account of the origins and evolution of the campaign for corporate social responsibility. The fourth section discusses the response by companies to the pressure from CSR activists. The final section reviews some unresolved issues." Das Ziel des "21st Century Trust" ist: "to bring together the rising generation of leaders worldwide, now aged under 40, from government, business, NGOs, academe, the media and other sectors".

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