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CSR Europe Launches New Leaders Group for an Inclusive Green Deal

A selected group of CSR Europe members will engage with the European Commission, and other key stakeholders to ensure a Just Transition amidst the green and digital transformation.

The green and digital transition advocated by the European Commission within the Green Deal will change the way we live, move, and work. At the same time, a new era of social inclusion, education, and employment is underway with the European Pillar of Social Rights, NextGeneration EU, and the Just Transition Mechanism, showcasing Europe’s leadership on social rights protection. Frontrunning companies in Europe embraced this direction and are implementing transformative roadmaps to innovate and adapt their business models.

In this context, CSR Europe is bringing together leading member companies in a new Leaders Group aimed at making the Green Deal Inclusive. Members will dialogue and collaborate with the European Commission, stakeholders, and National CSR Networks to shape the twin transition in an inclusive way.

Over the course of two years, the Leaders Group will scale-up sector and cross-sector collaborations in Europe and deliver a:

  • Roadmap on the actions needed from companies to ensure a Just Transition in Europe
  • Set of policy recommendations to facilitate the transformation of Europe’s industrial set-up
  • Blueprint with Best Practices
  • Checklist for companies to assess and improve their transition plans towards more inclusivity.

In 2022, the Leaders Group will present the achievements of its first year at the European SDG Summit, taking place between 10-12 October.

UPJ is a partner organisation of CSR Europe.