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EFRAG Releases a Series of Educational Videos on the First Set of Draft ESRS

EFRAG has created a series of educational videos to provide interested stakeholders with a better understanding of the draft ESRS standards.

The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) has published a series of educational videos dedicated to the First set of draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), which were released to the European Commission in November 2022. This series is composed of 20 videos presented by the EFRAG sustainability reporting Technical Expert Group (TEG) members and Secretariat:

  • Draft ESRS 1 General requirements presented by Chiara Del Prete, EFRAG SR TEG Chairwoman
  • Draft ESRS 2 General disclosures presented by Gemma Sanchez Danes, EFRAG Central PMO lead
  • Draft ESRS E1 Climate change presented by Eric Duvaud, EFRAG SR TEG member
  • Draft ESRS E2 Pollution presented by Andrea Giannini, EFRAG SR Central Secretariat
  • Draft ESRS E3 Water and marine resources, E5 Resource use and circular economy presented by Julie Mary, EFRAG SR TEG member
  • Draft ESRS E4 Biodiversity and ecosystems presented by Philippe Diaz, EFRAG SR TEG member
  • Draft ESRS S1 Own workforce presented by Sigurt Vitols, EFRAG SR TEG Acting Vice-Chair
  • Draft ESRS S2 Workers in the value chain, S3 Affected communities, S4 Consumers and end-users presented by Joanne Houston, EFRAG SR TEG member
  • Draft ESRS G1 Business conduct presented by Fredré Ferreira, EFRAG Senior Technical Manager

Access the “Glimpses” and the “Educational sessions” on the first set of draft ESRS here: